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88% of retail investors are making decisions based on information they have learned online
– Brunswick’s 2019 Digital Investor Survey

“Retail” is 12x more important than hedge funds and represents 63% of the market
– Zero Hedge

3/4 of FTSE 100-listed companies use social media for results reporting
– Brunswick’s 2019 Digital Investor Survey

Individual investors now account for ~20% of stock-market activity and almost 1/4 of trades
– Joe Mecane, Head of Execution Services, Citadel Securities

Get your
investment story digital

Ext. Digital specializes in investor acquisition and news dissemination using digital marketing campaigns & our proprietary financial-influencer network.

Our digital marketing and creative teams are a cohesive extension of your team. We combine your brand identity, value add content and a data-informed digital marketing strategy to help you reach your objectives or target outcomes.

Who We Are

With 12 years of experience in the financial
services marketing industry, our team:

Uses a robust data-driven approach to construct digital marketing & social media campaigns

Creates digital content designed to engage high-quality investors

Leverages data and analytics to measure success, optimize content & provide a high-end client experience


Our clients include some of the most innovative
brands from the following sectors:









Ext. Digital is the digital arm of Ext. Marketing. Ext. Marketing is an owner-operated, full-service, financial services marketing agency that brings together deep industry knowledge and a leading communications team to drive results.

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SOLUTIONS: Reach & Seen

Reach: Attract Investors Using Digital Marketing Campaigns

Reach helps attract potential investors to support your private placement, Reg A+, IPO or stock using a combination of custom content, marketing technologies and data-driven platforms.

Our digital marketers have been building investor lead-generation funnels since 2016. This gives us knowledge of the best mix of channels to attract potential investors to your investment and to better utilize resources.

  • Build or refine your brand efficiently including key messaging and visual identity
  • Develop an investor deck with a strong narrative that pinpoints your value proposition
  • Create digital creative assets across all mediums and digital platforms that are designed to capture  the attention of potential investors
  • Define your investor journey and activate a custom that targets the investors you are looking for
  • Receive a daily list of new investor leads and their contact information. You own the leads – you can use them in any campaign at any time
  • Further qualify and engage investor leads through an email nurture campaign

Seen: Raise Awareness Through Financial Influencers

Have your story told by multiple vetted financial influencers to ensure investors pay attention to you.

We have relationships with financial influencers in private investing and trading social media groups that can raise awareness about your investment and build your credibility.

  • Syndicate your investment story across multiple channels
  • Generate media coverage
  • Build awareness in social media investing and trading communities: meaning reaching an untapped investor audience where investment decisions are being made

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